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We provide fast and reliable pharmaceuticals and medical products to hospitals and physicians.

Welcome to Uno Healthcare

UNO HEALTHCARE was established in 1996 as a pharmaceutical distributor providing fast and reliable pharmaceuticals and medical products to hospitals and physicians. We have then expanded our line of products to vaccines, plasma-derived products, oncology drugs, cardiovascular drugs, enzyme replacement therapies, hematology drugs , pulmonary/respiratory drugs and a variety of disposable medical products. We currently supply to several governmental agencies, hospitals, physicians and provide specialty support for patients to acquire pharmaceuticals not available in their countries.

UNO Healthcare offers over 200,000 different pharmaceuticals, other-the-counter products, and medical products for our customer base in over 20 countries. Our prices are very competitive in both generic and brand names. We offer CANADIAN and EUROPEAN PHARMACEUTICALS for customers outside the US territory. We specialize in researching “hard to find“ medicines from all around the world.

Why Choose Us?

Ethics and Compliance

Message from the President
Uno Healthcare is synonymous with trust – a reputation built up over almost two decades that we can all point to with pride.
Safeguarding this reputation is the responsibility of every Uno Healthcare Group employee and is key to our continued growth as an organization. By acting ethically and with integrity, we will ensure that our partner’s confidence is stronger than ever.
Fabio Lisboa
President, Uno Healthcare, Inc

Speciality Services

NAMED PATIENT PROGRAMS: Uno Healthcare provides healthcare professionals and their patients with guidelines in order to process their request and receive the medicines in the shortest time possible. With our international network and our partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers, we are able to supply orphan pharmaceuticals supporting these medical professionals with all the information necessary for their patients to begin treatment in an expedited manner. Most importantly, we provide follow-up notices to the patients, informing all the necessary documentation needed in order to prepare for the continuation of the treatment.
PRE REGISTRATION PROGRAMS: Most pharmaceuticals in the world are approved in the United States and in Europe. Sometimes it takes years before being approved in countries in Latin America or sometimes not approved at all. Uno Healthcare provides a quality service for healthcare professionals and their patients to obtain these medicines that are not available in their country. We have created relationships with manufacturers and distributors in order to be able to supply these medicines with all the necessary information to be able to import into their country. Most importantly, they can benefit with a treatment that will give them a better quality of life.
PRE MARKETING PLANS: UNO Healthcare works in partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies providing a complete pre-marketing plan. We help them establish a more precise analysis of the number of patients that will be treated with their medicine. We offer a quality service in supplying compassionate use medicines for initial treatments. We provide standardization of medicines for governmental purchases in which we manage all international bids. We also obtain regulatory approvals and registration with Federal Health Departments in each country in order to receive final marketing approvals for product launch.

Strategic Partnerships

We provide support for our partners to grow their company into Latin America through a tailored service including Marketing Authorization Holder, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Distribution, 3PL and Logistics.

Research & Innovation

We are constantly in search for new treatments in rare diseases.  Gene Therapies are the future for innovative treatments.  Diagnosis of rare diseases is crucial to save many lifes.

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