We provide fast and reliable pharmaceuticals and medical products to hospitals and physicians.

CJL Express Freight Forwarder

We provide all logistics through our own company, a licensed pharmaceutical freight forwarder located in Doral- FL. USA, which is less than 10 minutes away from the Miami Intl Airport. We have several daily flights to South America which gives us an advantage for our orders to arrive quicker at its destination.

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International Network
of Agents

We have a network of agents in the European countries such as Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Italy to ship our products directly to Latin America and Caribbean Countries.

Temperature Controlled Data Loggers

Since most of our products are refrigerated, we include temperature data loggers to assure that products were transported and arrived at the final destination within the acceptable range.

Expedited Shipping & Delivery

We are able to efficiently ship and deliver to our customers in an expedited manner. By preparing our own Airway Bill and delivering to the airport, we are able to ship our products with a speed that no other can match.