We provide fast and reliable pharmaceuticals and medical products to hospitals and physicians.

Efficient 3PL Services to Foreign Markets

Uno Healthcare, located in Doral, Florida, USA is a licensed 3 PL specialized in integrated operation of warehousing and transportation service, customized to our customer needs

Warehouse, Inventory Management and Packing

Our customers can streamline their supply chains by utilizing the storage and warehousing facilities. These services allow you to focus on running your business while order processing, distribution, and storage are handled by one of our trained professionals. By reducing these distribution and warehousing costs, we can help improve your business strategy and cost.
Our warehouse is located near International Airports and Seaports for efficient distribution and are managed to utilize the latest inventory systems. Our focus is to properly manage your inventory, securely, safely and with proper attention to detail.
It is essential that pharmaceuticals and biological goods are packaged properly to avoid contamination or damage. We offer specialized containers that meet IATA requirements. As part of our packaging service we offers air freight consolidation and palletizing services. These services decrease the costs of air shipments and their handling.

Logistics Provider

We have the know-how in obtaining import/export licenses in order to meet all requirements necessary to clear customs and regulatory authorities in an expedite manner since a timely continuation of the treatment is vital to the patients health.

Customs Brokerage

We can provided experienced customs brokerage with reliable, consistent, and timely clearance.
Each year there are new and more rigorous regulations added to International Trade. These regulations can differ from country to country, if your broker is not expert, fully trained and one step ahead of all new implementations it can heavy affect and delay your supply chain. We use electronic customs filing system to quickly receive approvals to ensure that all presented documentations are in order. Thus, allowing a faster more efficient and reliable cargo customs clearance.